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How Physics Can Be A Fun?

May 18, 2022

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I count myself lucky to be able to teach a subject like Physics!  It’s not the easiest subject in the world but I get a real buzz from helping my students to understand the content, to enjoy the lessons, and to excel in their examinations.

Nine times out of ten, when someone asks, “How does that work?” the answer is rooted in Physics. From the existence of sub-atomic particles to the billions of galaxies, Physics quite simply explains how the world works – and not just the world, the entire Universe! Even using the remote control on your TV, or using your mobile phone to access this blog, can be explained by Physics!

Maybe the word ‘simply’ is a bit of an understatement, but I take inspiration from one of the great scientists, Albert Einstein, who is reported as having said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”. In other words, complex issues can be simplified but it is important not to lose the vital elements.

That has been a guiding principle throughout my teaching career, initially in the classroom and now in my physics online teaching at the Akbar Academy. My lessons, at GCSE and A level for UK-based examination qualifications, including the international qualifications of IGCSE Physics course, IAS- International AS Level Physics Courses and IA- International A level physics have been planned to make physics accessible and easier to understand – and fun! If Physics explains how the world works, then the topics can be related to fun activities, such as all manner of sports, playing a musical instrument, bunjee jumping, skateboarding, paragliding, skiing etc.

Physics can help you to answer questions such as:

  •             How does a plane get off the ground?
  •             Why does an ice-cream melt in the Sun?
  •             Why does a ship made from steel float on water?

As a result, I use a range of methods in my online teaching such as engaging PowerPoint slides, animations, videos, practical demonstrations, and funny and relatable anecdotes, backed up by a suite of resources including my own textbooks endorsed by examining boards.  All resources are customised with the intention of helping my students to understand, to enjoy the subject of Physics, and to succeed.

As a physics tutor, I engage directly with the students and respond to concepts they are struggling with in any particular topic. I can help them to grasp difficult ideas and to feel a sense of pride in their own progress.

It is said that practice is the key to perfection and that is just as true of performance in examinations as in anything else. The aim is to remove the element of fear of the unknown and replace it with a confidence that grows from repeated quizzes and tests, access to banks of examination questions and answers, as well as tips for revision techniques and how to tackle the problem that is the examination itself.  Progress reports enable students to keep track throughout the academic year as well as identifying areas of strengths and weaknesses that will inform their future study plans.

Now perhaps you can see why I feel so lucky to have taught the subject of Physics to countless students over the years, and why I am so determined to continue.

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