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About Me

Hello! I believe in keeping things simple, Physics can be hard enough.

Find out more about me, my expertise and my qualifications.

More importantly though, how can I make the Physics easier for you and help you get the grades you desire!

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A bit about me?


BSc. Honours from Heriot-Watt University,
an MSc. from the University of St Andrews,
and a PGDE from Strathclyde University.


Teaching IGCSE, GCSE and A-Level
Physics since 2006.


I Strive for ways to improve how to teach what is generally considered a difficult subject in the easiest way possible.


Written Four endorsed IGCSE titles, one for
Cambridge Examination Board and one
for Edexcel.


My success rate is averaged at 94% A*- C Grade at
International GCSE and A level.

Do you want an A* in Physics?

I have attended Mr. Akbar's physics tuition for 3 years now I have done both the IG and AS curriculums with him and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for physics tuition, gives lots of materials from books to videos and anything you would want. He is always willing to assist you with anything you need at any time. If you are willing to put in the effort Mr. Akbar will definitely help you achieve the grade you want.


Best teacher ever My son jumped from C’s to an A Thank you mr Akbar for your efforts

aisha albannai

Mr Akbar has been great with teaching me the physics syllabus for over 2 years and makes all the material easy to learn and memorize. His teaching feels very engaging and the lessons aren’t too long. I highly recommend his tutoring.

Bader Abul

Mr akbar has been a great teacher and has encouraged me to push myself in physics through out the year. When I first joined I was very weak in all chapters but I attended some lessons with Mr akbar and my whole physics experience changed.It has been a great year.

Abdelrahman Adel

Mr Akbar has been my physics tutor for over 2 years now, teaching me the igcse & AS syllabus. I am happy to say that his methods have provided me with the best possible results. Thank you!

Fareeda Abdulkareem

Mr Akbar has been a great teacher and has made the physics syllabus easy to learn and understand. Mr Akbar also provided me with great notes and videos that made studying much easier. I highly recommend.

Faisal Kanaan

Mr.Akbar is a brilliant teacher who was able to make my daughter not only understand physics but also adore it. His book is also an amazing reference to igcse physics.

omnasreldeen MOHD

Akbar academy was great. So many opportunities to learn properly with great explanation skills. Very organized too. Love the way of teaching and i would definitely recommend to friends and family.

Rawan Elmorsy

Overall, had a wonderful time learning with Mr. Akbar, although I wish we could’ve had the lessons in real life as I know it would’ve been a tonne more fun and beneficial. Despite that, I think I’ve had many laughs and a great learning experience in the online classes with the teacher. He always makes the class active and lively with his fascinating examples and detailed explanations; you can really tell he’s very experienced and passionate about his job. Thank you so much for a lovely year!

Hams Ahmed

I enjoyed taking physics with Mr Akbar. His videos and notes were very helpful, he minimized the content as much as possible into bullet points which was very useful. He also uses lots of real-life applications to explain the physics, which makes it more entertaining to learn and study.

Lujain Tarek