AQA International AS Level Physics Courses | AQA IAS Level Physics

AQA IAS Level Physics Course

International AS level Physics

Syllabus: (9630)


International AS level

Syllabus: (9630)


Course Specifics

AQA International AS Level Physics (9630)

Students are entered for two examinations for the IAS level.
Unit 1 Mechanics, materials, and atoms.
Unit 2  Electricity, waves, and particles.

Each paper has a duration of 2hrs and is marked out of 80. Each paper is made up of three sections:
Section A: Short and long questions – 50 marks
Section B: Data analysis and application questions – 16 marks
Section C: Multiple choice  – 14 marks
The balance of marks in Section A will be about 15 marks in 4–7 short questions and 35 marks in 3–5 long questions.

Each paper is worth 50% of the AS level qualification (and 20% of the A level).

The content is split into 5 main teaching topics:

  • 3.1 Measurements and their errors
  • 3.2 Mechanics and materials
  • 3.3 Particles, radiation and radioactivity
  • 3.4. Electricity
  • 3.5. Oscillations and waves