Edexcel International A2 level Physics Course Online | Edexcel IA2 level

Edexcel IA2 Level Physics Course

International A2 level Physics

Syllabus: (XPH11)


International A2 level

Syllabus: (XPH11)


Course Specifics

Edexcel International A Level Physics (XPH11).

Students need to complete the AS and the A2 in order to achieve an A level.

Students are entered for three additional examinations to complete the A level course. Unit 4, 5 and 6.

Unit 4 and Unit 5 have a duration of 1 hour 45 minutes and are marked out of 90. The papers may include multiple-choice, short open, open-response, calculations, and extended-writing questions.
Unit 6 has a duration of 1 hour 20 minutes and is marked out of 50. The paper may include short-open, open-response, calculations, and extended-writing questions.

The Unit 4 and 5 exams are worth 20% each of the International A level. Unit 6 is worth 10%.

In summary:
Unit 1 AS level 20%
Uni 2 AS level 20%
Unit 3 AS level 10%
Unit 4 A2 level 20%
Unit 5 A2 level 20%
Unit 6 A2 level 10%
AS+A2=A level

The content for A2 is split into 8 main teaching topics

  • Further Mechanics
  • Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics
  • Thermodynamics
  • Nuclear Decay
  • Oscillations
  • Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Practical skills